I have created the works on this website over several years, and yet they still fall into just a few groupings.

To have a rebirth, there must be a death. The works in the first group visually synthesize both the before and after: the dead, the new, and the messy process in between. I reexamine significant people, events, and places in the past, and through these images I hold both the beautiful and painful memories in the same hand while looking forward with hope. The glue of it all is grace, the ingredient without which the painful would overwhelm the wonderful, and honesty would become impossible.

The second group is a celebration of what has come, and what better way is there to celebrate than with pink owls? Of course, one of my favorite aspects of creating is that images rarely fit neatly into one category or another, and so I leave it to you to determine where death ends, celebration begins, and to navigate the waters between the two.

Thank you for stopping by!